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Imagine: Aiden

A/N: You save Aiden from The Oni, but he still gets wounded so you take him to the hospital. He still isn’t healing and you don’t leave his side. (You’re a werewolf too) 


You heard screams from outside; your feet hit the ground quickly. Your adrenaline rushing, it would be a matter of seconds before The Oni took someone else’s life. You made it outside, you watched in horror as Aiden were the one screaming. He was screaming for you, for you to come help him. He was the one about to die. “AIDEN!” You screamed, running towards him again, faster than you could imagine. You jumped on him, knocking the sword out of its hand.

It gave Aiden enough time to jump up but another one of those things came behind him, scratching him in the back. He fell to the ground, and you screamed for help, for Derek, Isaac, Scott. You wanted to see someone come, but no one came. “HELP!” You and Aiden yelled, and finally Scott came, distracting The Oni from you and Aiden, which gave you time to leave.

“(Y/N).” Aiden whispered, unable to move.

“Why aren’t you healing?” You asked, helping him out of that place. You began to grow worried when you saw the black blood drip down his back and stain his shirt. He shrugged his shoulders and you raced to the hospital after you got into the car.

“Help, please help!” Doctors and Nurses looked down the hall, already pulling up a wheel chair. You held onto Aiden’s hand. “I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here.” You whispered, running down the halls with the nurses.

“Please don’t leave me.” He coughed in pain.

“I won’t Aiden, I promise.” You followed the nurses into the hospital room, seeing them flip him onto his back. You covered your mouth, tears rolling down your cheeks after seeing the open wound on his back. Black blood oozing out and Aiden screamed in pain when the nurses disinfected it. You covered your ears, trying to block out his cries.

The stitched up his wound quickly, trying to stop his pain. When it was all over they sat him up and gave him pills for the pain. You walked towards his bed, brushing back his sweaty hair. “Are you okay?” You asked.

“I’ll be okay.”

“Then why aren’t you healing? Does it hurt?”

“I feel peachy (Y/N).” He mocked, you placed your hands on his arm, absorbing his pain and watching as your veins popped out. You grew weak but it was all for him, you had to. “Stop, you’re taking too much.” He grunted. You stopped, tears in his eyes. “You could have gotten hurt.”

“Aiden, I was doing it for you. I want you to be okay.” You sat next to him on the bed in silence.

“You can go home if you want.” He suggested.

“Oh okay. Leave your side all night, and worry about you. I’m not going anywhere Aiden. Not until you’re better.” You kissed his lips, tasting the salt from your own tears.

“I love you (Y/N). You’re absolutely perfect.”

“Aiden, I love you too.” You kissed his cheek and let him lay down and sleep while you pulled up a chair by his hospital bed. 

Imagine: Lydia

A/N: Your best friend Lydia comes to your house since she is sad and scared, you take care of her and leave her alone.

You ran down the steps, your heart racing when you heard numerous blows to your door. “I’m coming!” You yelled, your body ran faster when the door was in sight. You opened the door, rain pouring outside and in front of you stood your best friend Lydia. Her hair was a shade darker from the rain; her once bouncy curls had fallen out. Black mascara ran down her cheeks along with tan cover up. “Come in.” You said a bit scared. Lydia was never one to just break down and cry.

Her sniffled filled the empty house, you ran past her, grabbing a kitchen towel and wrapping her in it. You helped her into the living room since her legs were weak and wobbly. “Lydia, are you okay?” She shook her head no, and you saw that answer coming. “What’s wrong? Is Stiles okay?”

“I don’t know, that’s the thing.” She looked up at you as you held her in your arms. Her hair tickling your cheeks as you rested your head on top of hers. “He looks like he’s dying, and I could never live with that, not ever.”

“Lydia, it’ll be okay. You guys always find a way to fix things.” You tried to lighten her mood, but you did the opposite. She stood up, dropping the towel. Her mascara was still running down her cheeks.

“HE IS DYING!” She screamed, causing you to sump down in your seat. “You don’t get it! I love Stiles, if I lose him, what will I do? (Y/N), do you see the problem! He’s my best friend, my everything.” Her voice was shaky, and you sat there, shocked.

You watched as her knees trembled, causing her to fall to the floor. You were at her side again, lifting her up onto the couch. “You’re right; I don’t understand anything that goes on with the pack. But I do know that you’re my everything, and I hate seeing you like this. Stiles will be okay, I can guarantee it. Just please, calm down.” You rested a hand on her forehead, feeling that she was freezing. “I’ll be back.”

You ran upstairs, grabbing warm and dry clothes, getting a wash cloth and sprinting back down stairs. You wiped off the running make up, and saw her perfect skin. You helped take off her shoes since she was in a daze now. “Go change, Lydia.” She nodded her head and walked up to your bedroom, where you heard the door creak shut.

She soon came down stairs, and you laid her down on the couch. “Stay for as long as you need.” She nodded her head, and you covered her up with a blanket.

“Thanks (Y/N), you’re the greatest.” She yawned; you brushed back her hair and left the room. Since you knew that she wanted alone time, to think. You had told her to call for you if she needed anything, and she just nodded her head. You were worried about her, you wanted to be down there with her, but you knew to not suffocate her.

Imagine: Derek

A/N: You fill in for coach since he is sick, your Allison’s older sister and this is when the Argents take control of the school. During practice, one of the boys tries to take advantage of you, and you kick his ass. Then Derek (your boyfriend) shows up.

You walked into Beacon Hills, getting glances from teenagers, and childish whispering and laughing as they watched you walk down the halls. Your heels clicking off the floor with every stride. You hated your mother right now, you did not want to be a substitute for greedy little kids, they wouldn’t listen and they would make fun. You spotted your younger sister Allison, and walked towards her.

“Hey munchkin.” You laughed and she smiled, confused.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, her dimples showing in her smile.

“I’m subbing in for Coach since he was sick. Mom called me in, sadly.” You rolled your eyes, following Allison and making small talk with her until you got into his classroom. The students looked at you, some boys drooling over you, girls envying you- judging you.

You slammed the papers down on the desk, trying to prove that you wouldn’t be messing around. “Coach said you guys get to have a study hall today.” You smiled, seeing kids high fiving and glad to see that Coach wasn’t here, but now you had to tell them the rules. “Don’t get to excited,” you laughed, “no talking, no one leaves this room. And you have to be doing something other than drawing, and sleeping. If you pass notes like little kids, I will read them in front of the class…” You smiled seeing the angry looks. “Get busy.”

You walked onto the practice field, reading exactly what Coach left you. He gave you strict instructions on what to say, and how to teach the practice. The boys were all huddled together, some had smiles and others seemed angry- but that wasn’t your problem. “Look, just cause I’m a girl doesn’t mean you can groan and think I don’t know how to play sports… You’re not getting off the hook today. 10 laps around the field.”

“Coach only makes us do 6.”

“Does it look like I care? If you need a drink, come over and get a drink. If you feel sick, sit down. I can’t tell if you’re sick or going to pass out, so sit out if you weaklings can’t handle the running.” You crossed your arms, and the boys’ mouths were wide open. “Go!” You yelled, watching as they sprinted away.

Around 5 laps in, an unfamiliar boy came towards you with a sick look on his face. “Are you alright?” You asked, handing him a water bottle and helping him over to the bench.

“I’m great.” He smiled, taking a sip of water. “I came to talk to you.” You nodded your head, listening intently. “I know you’re a teacher but, you’re adorable, sexy you know. I think you should go on a date with me.”

“Do you? You really think so?” You smiled, but wiped it off. “I don’t think so, start running.” You stood up, ready to walk away but he grabbed your arm, pressing him up against you.

“You’ll love the date, trust me honey.” You felt his breath on your face, his hand rested on your butt and he was defiantly too close. You pushed him to the ground, sending a blow to his ribs.

“Do not touch me like that ever again.” You slapped his cheek, then helped him up. “Go run, now.” You sighed heavily, furious. You watched as he sprinted away, then you felt hands on your waist. You turned around shocked, but relieved to see Derek.

“Did that kid just?”

“Yes Derek, he touched me, and I took him out.” You expected him to freak out, run after him or whatever but he smiled.

“That’s my girl.” He kissed your temple, taking your hand in his. “When’s practice over?”

“Around 5, why?” You asked, smiling up at him.

“I’ll wait for you, so I can take you out for something to eat and we can walk or something.” He shrugged his shoulders, you kissed his cheek and turned your attention back to the boys.

Preference: He distracts you from studying

A/N: Sorry for the lack of posts, but I will be posting a lot more, and you can send in anything you want! Ships, imagine/preference ideas. Etc. :)

 Scott: “(Y/N)!” He whined from your bed, while you sat in the middle of the floor, trying to concentrate. You sighed looking up from the paper for the hundredth time.

“Scott, the answer is no because I am studying.” He has been bugging you for the past half an hour to cuddle, watch a movie, or go for a walk and whatever he can think of. “Why can’t you think of things to do when I’m not busy studying?” You asked a little irritated.  

He chuckled hearing the irritation in your voice, “love I think you need a break.” He rolled off the bed, crawling towards you. “Did you hear me? Or are you ignoring me?”

“I’m trying to ignore you.” You cracked a smile seeing him give a sad face out of the corner of your eye. “I’m sorry that I’m so cranky. I just can’t understand any of this.”

“Don’t be sorry babe.” He whispered in your ear, giving you a chill down your spine. “You know I love you.” He kissed your cheek and down your neck. Nipping at your weak spots on your neck, you let out a moan but pushed him off of you.

“Scott.” You shot him an evil glance and he had a devilish smirk. “No, not until I understand this.”

“Can’t you take a break, you need a break!” He rubbed your shoulders, causing you to close your eyes and lean into his touch. He rubbed the middle of your back and left soft, sweet kisses on your neck and the exposed skin on your back. You got goose bumps whenever his lips made it to your skin, his breath tickling your skin.

“Scott, I can-“

“Yes you can, just relax baby.” You fell for his trap, relaxing your muscles and letting him kiss all over your body. He crawled on top of you, kissing your nose. “Do you want to study? Or take a break?”

You laughed biting your lip, “I want a break.” You smirked, tangling your fingers in his hair and bringing his face down closer to yours, so you could snatch his lips.

Stiles: You stared at your homework blankly, trying to figure out the formula to use for this particular problem. Stiles watched you closely, watched as you furrowed your eyebrows together, and ruffle the hair out of your face. Watching your face turn from confused to angry, he chuckled walking towards you. “Need help?”

“Yes…” You sighed looking into Stiles’ sweet brown eyes. He grabbed the math book, doing exactly what you were doing, staring at it blankly. “Well, just don’t do it.” He laughed handing you the book. He flopped down on your bed, rubbing your back soothingly.

“I’m not like you- I actually do my homework.” You snapped, the homework getting to you. You felt guilty afterwards, “sorry Stiles.” You looked at him, seeing his forgiving smile.

“Hey, it’s alright. I know it’s frustrating.” He played with the ends of your hair, your eyes were getting heavy and all you wanted was to cuddle with Stiles. “Why don’t you lay down for a bit?” He asked and stopped playing with your hair. Your eyes shot open and you got back to your homework.

“I can’t, I just have a few problems left.” You looked at the problem, thinking off everything, and gave up. You let out a groan and looked at Stiles. He leaned over, kissing your lips roughly. He took control, putting his hands on your books and folders, tossing them on the floor. He took his hands, placing them on your thighs and hips, taking them down to your butt to lift you up and lay you gently on your back. “Stiles.” You moaned in between kisses.

“Shhh,” he whispered, carrying on with what he started.

Isaac: You sat on the floor with books and paper scattered around you. The big math final was tomorrow and you were trying your best to study and look over everything. Isaac watched you as you frantically looked through the book and old notes. Seeing your eyes move from right to left while reading each lesson. “Why don’t you just wing it?” He asked curiously. “You know you’ll do fine.”

“Not if I don’t study, silly.” You sarcastically commented. You looked over a problem and getting stuck which caused you great frustration. “This is so stupid, when will I use this?”

“Why don’t you chill out babe, you’ve been studying for a good forty-five minutes.” He suggested, trying to be helpful but only making you feel more frustrated.

“No, I do not need to ‘chill.’” You snapped, you looked up, glaring at him but it went away. You sighed heavily, brushing back pieces of your hair. “Sorry Isaac, I just get so worried about everything and I hate school, so much stress.” You felt tears swarm your eyes and in a heartbeat Isaac was sitting in front of you. He took your book out of your hands and set it beside you.

“Baby, you need a break.” You nodded your head, agreeing with him. He took your hands in his, kissing each little finger, and leaving a trail of kisses up your arm. You smiled, feeling goose bumps rush up your arm, giving you the chills. He kissed your neck, putting his hands underneath your shirt. He rubbed his warm hands along your bare back, kissing you passionately. “Do you still want to study?” He asked.

“Hell no.” You whispered, feeling him smirk against your lips. You wrapped your hands around his neck and kept pulling him closer to you.

Derek: You looked blankly at the problems in front of you, knowing you were out of luck since Derek was out of school and frankly didn’t care all that much about it. You sat in his bed with him beside you, watching you as you attempted to complete the assignment. “I hate this.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Then why do it?”

“Cause I need to pass this class to graduate, ya know? Cause I actually care.” You snapped him a look, “Go get me water… Please?”

“Yes, anything for you princess.” He joked; you smiled looking back into your book and attempting this problem.

“Here.” Derek said, handing you the ice water. You took it thankfully, and took a sip. You handed it back to him for him to hold while you tried to finish your homework. “How long have you been doing this?”

“Close to an hour, probably.” You shrugged your shoulders, used to the amount of homework you had almost every night. He shook his head in disbelief. He looked at you, seeing the anger, frustration and stress in your eyes. He felt bad that you had to do so much; he knew the stress it gave you.

“Come on baby, close up the book and take a break.” He set your water down on the dresser, and sat in front of you. He took the book and papers you held in your hands and through them on the floor.

“Derek I need to-“

“You don’t need to do anything; you’re doing great in school. It’s okay to not do one thing. Take a load off and finish it later.” He took your hand and kissed the top of it.

“I like the suggestion, but it’ll bother me if I don’t do it.” Then you felt his lips on your neck.

“Lay down,” he commanded. You lay down willingly; his voice was deep and raspy. He kissed your neck, sucking on your collar bone and shoulders so the marks wouldn’t be seen. You tangled your fingers in his hair, tugging lightly as he slipped of your shirt. “Do you care if you finish that assignment now?”

You laughed shaking your head no. “Of course not.” You smirked, bringing his lips down to meet yours.


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Anonymous asked: "Hi I just wanted to say I love your derek daddy posted ( the recent one ) and i was wondering If I can have one like that and my name is Kate p.s where the same age just wanted to say that fact ( I'm a creepy I just saw it in your description )"

Sorry but I do not write personal imagines, but that’s cool! :D

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