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I know I haven’t updated in ages and I’m sorry. Dance line tryouts are tomorrow and I have food poisoning! I’m just not doing well at all.

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I am alive

Lol, I’m okay. I found out that I had bronchitis, so I’ve been resting. I have dance line tryouts next Wednesday so I’m trying to get better for that and practicing a lot!!!!

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A/N: You get hurt during cheer practice, Isaac takes you and your friend to Starbucks afterwards, and it was your first date.

You were tossed in the air, and cradled back down, you had anticipated to be caught, but your cheer mates dropped you. You twisted your ankle as you landed, you let out a scream of pain and everyone around you was shocked. “(Y/N), what happened?” Your cheer coach asked, walking towards you.

“We were doing a cradle and they dropped me. But it’s okay, I just twisted me ankle.”

“Alright, I want you to go home and ice your ankle, if it doesn’t feel better by morning, go to the hospital to see if it’s sprained or broken.” She gave you direct orders, “(Y/F/N), go take her home, make sure she gets home okay.”

Your friend nodded her head, helping you up and out into the parking lot. “I have to call Isaac.” She nodded her head, helping you sit down on the sidewalk.

“Isaac? Hello?” You said quickly when you heard him pick up.

“Is everything alright?”

“I hurt my ankle during practice, could you pick me and (Y/F/N) up? Please?”

“Yes of course babe, I’m on my way.” You hung up the phone, and after five minutes he was flying into the parking lot. He pulled up to the curb and hopped out of the car. “Where’s it hurt?”

“Right there.” You pointed to the side of your ankle, and he rested his hand on your leg, taking away the pain. You smiled at him, knowing you couldn’t thank him in front of your friend. He helped you up and made sure you were okay.

“You girls want to go anywhere?” He asked, you thought a moment before answering.

“Starbucks starbucks!” You chanted like a little kid.

“Starbucks it is.” He chuckled, pulling into the parking lot, helping you out of the car. Your friend followed you guys in, and Isaac picked out a booth for you three. After you got your order, you sat beside him and your friend sat in front of you guys.

“Thanks Isaac.” You smiled at him and he smiled back, “want a sip?” You asked, he grabbed your drink, taking a drink and making a disgusted face.

“Ewe, that’s nasty.”

You laughed, taking back your drink. “You’re nasty.” You joked, you nudged his elbow and he nudged yours back. After you finished your drink, Isaac was ready to leave to take you and your friend home. He took her home first, then you. The ride to your house was silent, but it wasn’t weird.

“Thanks Isaac.” You said as you pulled into the driveway.

“No problem… That was our first date.” He smiled at you, you smiled back.

“We should have another one.” You felt his hand lay on top of yours.

“I would like that, love.” He kissed your cheek before jumping out of the car to help you into the house. 

Anonymous asked: "Can i have a y/n isaac imagine he takes you to cheer pratice you get hurt. and he takes you and your cheer buddy to starbucks after (your first date) plz your imagines are perfect "

Yes, just finished this :)

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Hello, I don’t mind at all :) 

Ship: Isaac!

His favorite picture of you: 

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Couple moment: 

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Girl best friend moment:

Best friend

Imagine: Deputy Parrish

A/N: Someone asked for a Deputy Parrish imagine, so, I came up with this! You go to the Police Station to talk to Sheriff Stilinski, and you and Deputy Parrish hit it off.

You pulled into the police station, running out of your car and inside. Your heart pounded and one person was on your mind. He had to know, he had to help. If Stiles died, everyone in the pack would die too not physically, but mentally. “Sherriff Stilinski?” You yelled, the door slamming shut behind you. There was only one other cop there since it was midnight. “Is he here? He has to be?” Tears rolled down your cheeks and the officer came around the desk and placed his hands on your shoulders.

“He’s in his office, are you alright ma’am?” He asked concerned, you fell in love with his eyes. They made you melt inside, they almost calmed you down.

“No.” You whispered, that was when you broke down. After all these weeks of holding in your emotions, you finally let them all out in front of a stranger. He wrapped you in a hug, but it wasn’t weird. Your head lay on his shoulder while you sobbed into it.

“What’s wrong?” He asked pulling away, “You’re too pretty to be this upset about something.” He whispered, you blushed before wiping away your falling tears.

“Thanks,” you chuckled.  

“He’s back here.” He said, motioning you towards the door. He followed behind you, closing the door behind him. You didn’t mind that he was there, all you had to tell Sherriff was that Stiles was slowly dying. The officer would probably even comfort you while telling him. “I’m Deputy Parrish by the way.” He gave you a nice warm smile.

“Hello Deputy, I’m (Y/N).” You smiled back, but got serious again. “Stiles is dying, slowly.” You watched as Sherriff Stilinski face turn into horror.

“It’s because of him isn’t it?” You nodded your head, knowing you couldn’t say exactly who it was since The Deputy was close. The Deputy showed great confusion, and you were shocked when the Sherriff left, leaving you here with him.

“Do you need a ride home?”

“No thanks,” you looked at your feet, trying to stop yourself from crying again.

“You can stay here if you want, if you don’t want to go home. Or if you need someone.”  You smiled looking at Deputy Parrish; his hair was perfect, along with his green eyes. He made you feel warm and welcome, something you needed right now.

“Could I stay here?” You asked, just making sure you wouldn’t be bothering him.

“My shift ends at dawn, but you can stay as long as you want. You don’t even have to stay that long.”

“Alright Deputy, thanks.” You sighed following him to the front desk, you sat beside him, talking to him about school, and just getting to know each other. “What made you want to become a cop?” You asked randomly, trying to avoid an awkward silence.

“I don’t know, I want to save others, I liked solving mysteries. I figured this would be the job for me, and it is. It makes me happy.”

“That’s good to hear, not many people are happy with their jobs.” You looked at him, watching as he smiled at the ground. Your eyes started to get heavy so you laid your head down on the desk.

“Are you okay?” He asked, you turned your head so you were facing him. You opened your eyes and gave him a nod.

“I’m just getting tired,” you yawned, he laughed.

“There’s a couch back there if you want to lie down, in the Sherriff’s office.” You looked in his office, the sofa was very welcoming, but something came across your mind. You didn’t want to be alone, who knows what could happen anymore.

“I don’t want to.” You blushed, knowing you had to explain yourself. “I’m so scared.” Your voice cracked, but you tried to hold yourself together. “I’m scared of this town, there is always something crazy going on in this town, and it leaves me frightened.” You avoided his eye’s, knowing he was looking at you, probably judging you.

“I can go back there with you, if you’d like.”

You looked at him in shock, “you wouldn’t get in trouble?”

“No one has to find out, do they?” You smiled standing up, he followed behind you, rolling up a chair and watching as you fell asleep. 

Sorry for not writing today, I tried to but I got discouraged. I have a terrible headache and my stomach hurts, I’m worried I got the flu and I’m exhausted.